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Matching You With Qualified Prospects

We are not in the business of selling leads. We are in the business of helping you sell more franchises, and helping our leads become entrepreneurs. Our mission is to be your primary lead provider month after month.

Career in Transition

Career in transition leads are individuals looking to exit corporate America to enter a franchise business opportunity. Through in-depth conversations with our appointment setters, these individuals have expressed great interest in working with a knowledgeable franchise consultant— one who can guide them to the right investment opportunity.

Call Verified

Our call verifiers are the best in the industry! They take the time to get to know the lead. They start by building a rapport with each lead, making sure they are comfortable speaking with YOU, the consultant. Next, they ensure that the prospective lead is truly interested in exploring franchise options, and that the candidate sees the VALUE in speaking with a franchise consultant.


Real Time / Exclusive Leads

Our leads are not portal leads or people clicking buttons on a website. They are extremely responsive, very interested, and have the capital to make an investment. But most important, they are real time and will be delivered to only one person, YOU. Once our call verifiers confirm the lead is interested we deliver the lead and provide them with your contact info.

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We are a membership based lead provider. Contact us to learn more.